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[icon] Heaven bent to take my hand, and lead me through the fire.
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Time:11:15 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
How utterly disgraceful, to be so subservient to such an odd, unnerving curse. To go as far so to be inappropriate with one of the agents -

A fitting period spent in meditation would perhaps help matters. This City stirs up more trouble within a person's mind than anything it could ever have done physically.

1. Tony Stark
2. Father Leon de Garcia
3. Father Tres Iqus
4. Brother Petros
5. Cardinal Antonio de Borgia
6. Abel Nightroad
7. Itsuki Naoya

-- what am I doing?
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Time:09:34 am
To be married off like this - how cheapening. Women are just as capable, Father. Have I not assured you victory -


[[ooc: Sengoku Jidai era - Caterina's a daughter of a famous warlord, etc.]]
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Subject:[Filtered From RCO]
Time:10:24 am
Will this be a new regime change within the City, or is it a byproduct of yet another curse?

To run about like this, capturing individuals for no visible rhyme or reason. It seems as if imploring you to see sense would be nothing but a wasted effort.

[AX Filter]

Have any of you been 'arrested' so far?
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Time:05:05 pm
New Human Empire :: Her Majesty Empress Augusta VradikaCollapse )

[[AX :: Unhackable]]

Father Tres, Father Nightroad, I would require you to be envoys, to relay word to the Empress that I have received her gift, and to give her this sealed letter and gift in return.

Father Tres, upon your return, I would like your report on the findings of the City. Father Nightroad, I would like to ask that you keep an eye on Dietrich von Lohengrin, as well as Isaak Fernand von Kampfer. There may be reason to believe that they are moving once again.


[[Esther Blanchett :: Unhackable]]

Sister Esther. I would like to receive word on the ongoing police investigations behind the culprit who was responsible for the diseases spread within the City.

[[/Esther Blanchett]]

Yet another day of peace comes upon us - the afflictions suffered this past week seemed to come one after another, with rats seeming to be the main theme of some of it. Let's hope such peace lasts for as long as it should.
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Subject:voice; [Filtered from RCO]
Time:12:58 pm
Current Mood:sicksick
*A voice, just a tad shakier, weaker than normal*

Gabriel, I'm afraid we will have to re-schedule the meeting. It seems like I have caught a bit of a cold.

*And a wet, hacking cough that sounds a lot more serious than just a mild cold*

[AX :: Unhackable//Viewable by allies]

I will not be entertaining guests or appointments today.
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Time:03:16 pm
You have my sincere thanks, Mr Stark, for your generous efforts in helping me familiarize myself with this City.

City, do forgive my ignorance; is there one directly oversees the upkeep of the Church here?

[AX :: Unhackable]

Dietrich von Lohengrin, codenamed Marionettenspieler, is already within this City. His movements are unknown, as is his current location - however, this means that we will need to move fast.

The Empress' gift has been received, and it is a good sign that she is willing to open communications with us. We must be careful in how we conduct this, especially when the exact number of Orden members within City limits are still relatively unknown.

Father Nightroad, Father Tres, you will both be sent to relay a message and a gift to the Empress in return for her generosity.

We cannot fail now, not when this is an excellent chance for dialogue.

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Time:11:57 pm

The crest of witches?
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Subject:[Filtered from RCO]
Time:01:40 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
[Confidential :: Caterina Sforza]

There's nothing here. No political leverage. No power. The idle days do not suit my tastes, and the lack of news from home is most troubling.

I cannot idle any longer. The Rosencreutz are here, the Devil himself Contra Mundi is here, and perhaps what the archangel speaks of rings true. That perhaps we are all put here for a reason.

I must, then, start on my work; even without all the others. Out of all the agents I have at my disposal, only Esther Blanchett and Abel Nightroad are available - the latter of which would be worth most merit in such an unthinkable situation.

The Black Madonna is here. And Abel's -

How vile, Caterina. To be ruminating on something so trivial at this time.


This place - this City; deaths and killings serve as the norm of this barbaric society, and monsters walk in broad daylight. Surely it must be a purgatory of some sort; and yet. There is still some measure of good to be found, even in such a place.

It's perhaps ironic, to find such a place so different and yet so similar to the world back home at the same time.
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Time:12:51 pm
[Action Log]

--et Spiritus Sancti.

*And there is a Cardinal now kneeling by the Carousel, decked in red and gold finery and looking extremely out of place. She realizes the difference beneath her knees, and she gets to her feet, features betraying shock and surprise*

Lord Almighty, what exactly is this place...?
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[icon] Heaven bent to take my hand, and lead me through the fire.
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